Our objective

The global revolution brought by blockchain and distributed ledger technology has opened the door to a new and exciting frontier in the practice of healthcare!

Our technology will enable users to track personalized health and wellness information both as patients and as owners of their own data using a secure desktop and mobile web-enabled platform secured by blockchain encryption. We are working to provide Consumers with the authority to fully control their Personal Health Records (PHR) anywhere in the world and authority over who obtains their personal health and medical information, with a unique ability to monetize their PHR (de-identified) instead of having it stolen, as it is now.

PWBR has licensed to use 15 issued patents from its parent Company OXIO Health, Inc., a healthcare technology incubator / innovator / accelerator, driving healthcare solutions with technology to improve healthcare!  We have decades of experience in both healthcare and technology making us ideally suited to know the appropriate technology to apply to provide needed solutions that drive positive changes in healthcare delivery.

We are firmly grounded in the latest technology by reimaging our proven, U.S. Certified Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) technology and with the experience in developing a number of internet-based technology solutions. We are designing PWBR with not only the latest blockchain / distributed ledger technology, but also with advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive state-of-the-art wellness comparisons person-to-person or person to a global group based on demographics and other personal wellness metrics.